Lake Võrtsjärv Fisheries Development Agency is a member of the Living Lakes Network.

Lake Võrtsjärv Fisheries Development Agency (FDA) is an independent, non-profit organisation, voluntarily founded by different juristic and physical persons around Lake Võrtsjärv in Tartu and Viljandi counties, which operates in purpose to support local initiative and local life in order to develop the whole Lake Võrtsjärv fishing area. 

The Aim of the Lake Võrtsjärv Fisheries Development Agency (FDA) is to promote the sustainable development of Lake Võrtsjärv fishing area, observing the following priorities: 

• To maximize local initiative in the region, especially the initiative of the fishery sector;
• To elaborate the Fishery Strategy for the region;
• To support the the realisation of the Strategy, organising project application rounds and to advise and inform local group members;
• To promote the cooperation between public, private and non-profit sector and between other organisations in Estonia and in Europe;
• To participate in international, national and regional fisheries development projects and events.

Lake Võrtsjärv Visitor Centre

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