Lake Võrtsjärv Visitor Centre

Lake Võrtsjärv Visitor Centre

 On the borders of Rannu and Kolga-Jaani municipality, beside the mouth of the River Emajõgi, the Lake Võrtsjärv Visitors Centre was built in 2009. The Centre was constructed out of ecological materials - clay, wood, chipboard and straw's. 


Construction works were completed with the help of EU programme and by the seven rural municipalities bordering the lake and is now administred by Lake Võrtsjärv Foundation -

Lake Võrtsjärv Visitor Centre provides information about Lake Võrtsjärv as a Natura 2000 site and recreation and tourism in particular. It is possible to book different tourism services as well as kaleboat (traditional trawler sailer) ride on Lake Võrtsjärv. 

The building is also suitable for various events like training courses, seminars, workshops to carry out. 


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