Taste Lake Võrtsjärv!

 (2-day, the product is offered during the winter season, the dates depending on the weather conditions) 

DESCRIPTION: A group (an optimum number of 10-15 people) will arrive in Valma Village, where they will be welcomed by a representative of Kaleselts NGO, Marko Vaher. Under the leadership of Valma fishermen, bygone fishermen traditions will be introduced, fishing under ice will be conducted on the lake. In the course of lunch local fish prepared by the fishermen of Lake Võrtsjärv can be tasted.

Lake Võrtsjärv has been a body of water rich in fish throughout the centuries. 36 species of fish have been caught from Lake Võrtsjärv and its inflows. The main industrial fish are the zander, eel, bream and pike. The perch and roach are numerous, with permanent inhabitants being the vendace, European smelt, ide. In the fifties and sixties Lake Võrtsjärv was accompanied by the sad repute of a lake of the ruffe, since the majority of the fishery catch was the small fry of low value. Owing to the implementation of the proposals by the research fellows of the Centre for Limnology (quitting trawl fishing, intensifying fish protection, regular introduction of baby eels), large and valued fish prevail in the catch these days. The mean fishery catch of Lake Võrtsjärv is over 400 tons a year, 60-70% out of which is good foodstuff fish. The minute natural population of the eel in Lake Võrtsjärv has been replenished on a continuous basis since 1956, by introducing tiny glasseels into the lake every year.

After lunch the group will be accepted by a game instructor of 360 Kraadi Ltd., who will conduct a hiking game, in order to introduce the fishermen traditions and natural value of the area. After the hiking game the people will drive to the Järveveere Holiday Centre in Valma, where they will have dinner and stay for the night, while those desiring will have a chance to go to the sauna. We offer an opportunity to watch slideshows by Arne Ader or order a performance by Anu Taul as an evening activity.

On the second day the people will have breakfast in the Järveveere Holiday Centre, from where they will move on to a kicksled hike. The kicksled hike with a picnic in nature will be conducted by Imre Arro from Väikse-Viselä Ltd.. A nice experience in nature and active participation in the charms of the area to all participants will be guaranteed. 

As an afternoon and summarising activity at the same time, we offer the visiting of the Valma fishermen’s mini-exchibition, where Angela Leiaru (Lake Võrtsjärv Fisheries Development Agency NGO) will give an overview of the fishing equipment used on Lake Võrtsjärv and the life of the coastal fishermen, and the local artist Antu Ott will introduce unique handicraft products made of fish skin; the visitors will have an opportunity to make a souvenir themselves or buy one.

Taking of the group to the next destination desired.

PROVIDERS: Kaleselts NGO, Lake Võrtsjärv Fisheries Development Agency NGO, Järveveere Holiday Centre, 360 Kraadi Ltd., Antu Ott,  Väikse-Viselä Ltd.,  Loodusemees Ltd., Anutar Ltd.


Smoked bream from Lake Võrtsjärv

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